Printed Promotional Pop Up Gazebos

We get asked a lot about aftercare for our pop up gazebos and so thought it would be a good idea to put together some information for you about this.The vast majority of our pop up gazebos are sold with either the 450gsm or 550gsm polyester covers. Because they have a material feel rather than a plastic feel, dirt can become ingrained into the weave of the fabric, so it is important to care for the covers as carefully as possible.

If you have used the gazebo at an event and you have had to pack it away wet, then at the first dry day opportunity, you should get the gazebo out and air dry it to prevent a build up of mould and mildew. When dry, brush off any loose dirt. If the dirt is particularly ingrained, then a pressure washer can be used or hot soapy water and a scrubbing brush. Again let the covers dry before packing them away.

If you do come to use your pop up gazebo and find that there is a development of mould and mildew, then you can buy a “Mould and Mildew” remover from any supermarket – usually found in the cleaner aisle – and use this to help remove any staining. You should never use the product neat and it should be watered down to one part mould and mildew remover and four parts water. Brush on to the stain and leave to dry in the sun. With darker fabrics, it is always advisable to test an area first to make sure you have the dilution correct.

If you have cleaned your gazebo within an inch of its life and find that the covers are no longer looking as smart as they did, then you can always buy new covers – without the need to buy a new frame – to refresh your look.

Everytime you take the gazebo down it is definitely worth cleaning the fabric down to keep it looking at it’s best for as long as possible and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS try your best to pack th gazebo away dry, or if not possible, to dry it as soon as you are able to prevent staining.