Baked In Brick Pop Up Gazebo

We recently found out that one of our customers won both the ‘Best Main course’ and ‘Best of the Best’ for all round street food trader at the British Street Food Awards 2016 

Lee DeSanges of Baked in Brick says I was putting a BBQ under the bonnet of my Mini Cooper to cook my Nan’s chicken tikka on sword like skewers. So, in a nutshell my point of difference is that I cook outstanding 24 hour marinated chicken tikka over charcoal under the bonnet of a (1964 Mini Cooper). I serve it in a naan style flatbread which I cook in a wood-fired oven on the back of the Mini, as well as Neapolitan style pizza! Sounds completely bonkers but the food is delicious and people just can’t ignore us and our food!

We wish him well this year with all of his events and his continued growth in the Street Food Market.