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My name is Fay Nicoll and my business is NOT simply to retail pop up gazebos. My business is to ensure that you, the customer, get excellent quality products that fulfil the job you need them to do.

Your Need......

Your visting this site because you have a need. You may be a market trader, a smart repairer, a marketing executive, an outside caterer or one of a myriad of people, but your need is the same......you want to purchase a pop up gazebo that will provide weather protection so you can concentrate on running your business and if that gazebo is branded, you want it to be a professional reflection of you and to even possibly drive traffic to your website or encourage potential customers to find out more about you.
You are buying on the internet, so you can't see the product to touch it or feel it or judge its' merits over the hundreds of others on offer - some of which will be a few pounds and some of which will be a few thousand pounds. Your need is then knowledge so that you can make a confident purchase.

My Solution.....

We have been in business for nearly thirty years now and over that time we have amassed a vast knowledge base. This has come about through customer feedback, continual innovation and also from use of the products we sell. If we attend a market or a show or an outside event, we use our own products - in all weathers and in as many conditions as we can, so we can confidently advise you what frame will be best for you, what features are the ones that need improving and which sizes, colours, materials and specifications work best.
We have quietly become one of the largest suppliers of pop up gazebos in the UK. This is no mean feat in the current climate and the largest expansion has come from referrals. We cannot emphasise enough the pride we have when someone comes to us because they have been recommended by an existing customer. And those customers come back again and again. Why? It's simple! When someone calls they get to speak to someone who can answer their questions immediately and make decisions immediately. We are interested in what you do, what you want and how it works afterwards. And in the "take the money and forget the service" culture of today, it is a refreshing change for all of our customers to have that level of service. The icing on the cake is of course the products do what you need them to do as well.

Satisfaction Guaranteed......

So, thank you for looking and thank you for reading. I personally guarantee that you will not be disappointed and I look forward to doing business with you. Simple!

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Gazebo Accessories

  • Wraparound Printed Gazebo Pelmet Banner
    Gazebo Pelmet Valance Banner
    Gazebo Pelmet Valance Banner
  • 3M Half Side Wall for Professional Gazebo
    3M Half Side Wall
    3M Half Wall for Gazebo
  • Four 13Kg Metal Gazebo Weights
    Metal Gazebo Weights
    Metal Gazebo Weights
  • 1.5M Folding Concertina Table Aluminium Top
    Aluminium Topped Folding Table
    Aluminium Topped Folding Table
  • Budget Roll Up Banner
    Budget Roll Up Banner
    Budget Roll Up Banner
  • 3M Pop Up Gazebo Banner Frame
    Pop Up Gazebo Banner Frame
    Pop Up Gazebo Banner Frame


We always actively seek feedback from our customers, whether this be about our pop up gazebo products and how they can be improved, or our service....

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