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Custom Printed Pop Up Gazebos

Custom printed pop up gazebos are an ideal promotional tool for creating a strong visual impact. They are a fantastic way of promoting your brand, products or services, whilst providing a strong, waterproof structure for you to conduct your business from.

All of our pop up gazebos can be printed externally and/or internally and can cover all of the roof or sidewall area. You can have something as simple as a line of text such as a web address, business name or tag line all the way to all over printing with pantone specific colours, comple logos and photographic images. It all depends on budget.

For simple lines of text we tend to use a vinyl heat transfer print process, where a line of text or simple graphic is cut out of the vinyl, which is then heat pressed onto the off the shelf roof or sidewall - externally only. This is a very similar process ot the way t-shirts or football shirts are printed.

If the pop up gazebo print needs to be much more complex, then we would use dye sublimation print, where the fabric is printed, before it is made into a roof or sidewalls. This allows us to cover the whole print area and to print on the inside of the covers.

We have created a range of dye sublimation print packages based on either the Professional or Premium pop up gazebo frames where we have bundled together the most asked for print and accessories, to help save you money.


Vinyl Heat Transfer Print

3M x 4.5M Printed Pop Up Gazebo 3M x 3M Printed Pop Up Gazebo Promotional printed pop up gazebos Printed Pop Up Gazebo

This is great for simple text to be printed on the valance/pelmet part of the roof. A simple line of text on a valance starts at as little as £30 + VAT. A web address, business name etc is a great way of getting your name out there. It is printed using the vinyl heat transfer process and can be printed in a variety of colours and fonts. We cannot print anymore than three valances using this method.

If you would like a simple line of text on the pelmet/valance part of your pop up gazebo, then prices start from £36 incl of VAT. Call us on 01283 510570 where we can arrange to create the layout for you to approve and quote more accurately. 


Dye Sublimation Print

2M x 3M Printed Pop Up Gazebo
Printed Pop Up Gazebo 3M x 3M Printed Pop Up Gazebo Printed Promotional Pop Up Gazebo


Prices for a full roof print start at £250 + VAT. We are unique in that we also line the roofs so that the print cannot be seen through from the other side.

Sidewalls can also be printed with whatever you wish again with a lining.

The print can either be on the interior, exterior or both and again they are lined so that the side cannot be seen through. Prices for a single sidewall print start at £85 + VAT

If you would require more complex print or a large amount of branding, then again contact us and we will be happy to provide a quotation tailored to your needs.

With the dye sublimation print, we can be pantone specific, produce high quality photographic images on the material and design superbly eye catching promotional pop up gazebo graphics.


For best results, we would need the artwork as a vectored eps, ai or pdf file. For photographic images, we need them as a 300dpi minimum and the original image - not a cropped one.

We can then provide a layout for you to agree to or alternatively, we can email you templates for you to create your own artwork.

Again, please do not feel overwhelmed by technical file names etc. Drop us an email on and we can guide you through every step of the process.

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Gazebo Accessories

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  • Easy Tread Flooring
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    Easy Tread Flooring
  • Eight 13Kg Metal Gazebo Weights
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    Metal Gazebo Weights


We always actively seek feedback from our customers, whether this be about our pop up gazebo products and how they can be improved, or our service....

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